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I would like to introduce everyone to the first post of my blog.  This blog is meant to serve as a discussion on photography, art, and life.  That being said I would like to start the discussion off with a small examination of one of my series.  The series that I would like to begin talking about is my Moments Within project. You can view the project here: The Moments Within

This photography project has been in continual growth since the birth of my second child, Sofia.  She is now 6 years old and can sometimes be just as challenging as the first few months.  What is important to note about this work is that it really focuses on finding healthy ways to deal with issues such as anger, frustration, and all of the troubles that can come along with daily life.  It really focuses on those moments that we feel like snapping or giving up.

Photography, image of boy looking through broken glass

Photography, image of hand print on a window with trees in back ground
Looking through another lens: Photography

I began this photography series after a session of temper-tantrums that my children were giving multiple times daily.  I felt frustrated and to be completely honest I felt like giving up and resort to screaming at the kids.  Instead there was a fleeting moment when my daughter was crying that I was able to remove myself from the situation. I was able to look at it through a different lens.  What I saw was almost like the eye of a storm.  When everything else around us feels like its being torn apart there was a moment where that feeling was gone.

I remember looking at my daughter lying on the floor and crying hysterically over something so minimal as me saying she couldn’t have a cookie and realized that one day, I am going to miss these moments.  When my kids become adults and venture off into the world, inevitably leaving me behind.  I am going to miss the tantrums, hugs, kisses, and everything that comes along with it.

I decided to grab my camera and attempt to capture what I saw.  The image was profound.  Inside the image there was the obvious, there was pain and sadness, but as I looked deeper I began to see the way she looked at me.  I was there to save her.  Even though I couldn’t give her the cookie, I was still there to hold her and make her feel better.

Photography, image of wood floor with garbage on it

Photography, little girl in blue dress in a cornfield

People can look at the image many and different feelings can arise.  You might feel bad for the child, or you might see what I saw and discard the emotion as a 3 year old’s unnecessary display of emotion.  But the point is, I found a way to deal with my frustration and anger and compose those elements into something completely different.  Instead of looking through a different lens as often spoken about my many different motivational speakers I chose to look through a different lens in the literal sense.  From there the project has been a great resource for examining the issues in parenting.

Photography, picture of trees with blue sky