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Tineka & Family

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I recently was given the opportunity to photograph a friend and her three beautiful children!  Tineka is a friend of ours and for Christmas her sister gave her one of the best gifts that can last longer than any coffee maker or gift card to Amazon or Best Buy.  She gave Tinkea a gift of photography, memories that will last forever.  Her sister Cheryl knew that most people put off getting family portraits because their lives are too busy or they don’t have extra money to justify pictures.  The problem with being too busy for pictures is that sooner or later, those moments have passed.  All we have left are our diminishing memories and distorted views of the past to remind us of the things that are most important in life.

Portrait, Moss Image, Moab Photographer, Tineka, Chris Moss
Portrait, Location photography, Tineka, Moss Image, Moab Photographer, Chris Moss

The Fun Begins!

So, I had the pleasure of photographing Tineka and her children, Dallon, Daxon, and Tinley.  They were so much fun to photograph.  They were very lively as her children are the same age as mine.  So I am all too familiar with the complications of trying to photograph bored 10-6 year olds that are already mad because they had to dress up and stop whatever video game they were in the middle of to be drug off for “family pictures.”

What I love about photographing families is their unique dynamic that I get to discover and be a part of for just a short while.  I get to bond with the kids and by the end of the session they are usually excited to be hanging out with me.  We get to laugh and have fun as I capture the way their family interacts with one another.

Portrait, Tineka, Moss Image, Moab Photographer, CHris Moss

The Day Was A Success

Even though kids are often very hard to keep happy while photographing, I would say the day ended up a success!  We had fun, laughed, and everyone got to be a little silly!  Tineka was even able to squeeze in a couple head-shots for her business.  The kids were able to get a little dirty and have fun while I got to capture all the unique moments that will now last for ever!

Moss Image, Chris Moss, Moab Photographer, Tineka
Tineka, Moss Image, Moab Photographer, Chris Moss
Moss Image, Moab PHotographer, Tineka, Chris Moss
Moss Image, Tineka, Moab PHotographer, Chris Moss

Thank You!