CHRIS MOSS / Photographer

Moss Image is owned and operated by photographer, Christopher Moss.  Chris Moss has been studying photography for over 10 years.  During 2011-2014 he studied at Weber State University. He pursued the Bachelors of Fine Arts program with an emphasis in Photography.

 He then moved in the fall of 2014 with his Wife and two children to the beautiful backdrop of Moab, Utah.  Here he recently graduated from Utah State University.  Recently, he finished a Bachelors degree in Business with a focus in Marketing.

Moss Image is focused on finding the beauty that is inherent everywhere in the world.  Every single person has something unique about them.  And I love finding that spark of beauty.  Because it can be found in a family portrait, wedding, landscape, or in the unseen of Conceptual Art.

 I feel that photography shouldn’t follow the same rules for each subject.  I believe that a photograph is a memory.  Because, after many years have past our experienced memories tend to fade. They then tend to distort.  But a photograph can make that moment in time last forever.

And of course, as an artist usually does, he tends to update his Instagram page a little more than other social media.  You can click here to view the photographs on Instagram.  There you will find fresh new images of Moab, Utah and quite a bit of pictures of Lake Powell.  He is lucky to not only live in one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, but lives near his favorite boating destination.  He can be seen on the lake quite frequently during the summer. 

You can view some of the Moab and Lake Powell Landscapes here.

About, Chris Moss, Portrait of Artist, Red Rocks
About, Chris Moss, image of a family with a train car in the background




Black Box Gallery – 2013

Lenscratch Publication – 2013

Elizabeth D. Shaw Gallery – 2014

Unrest: Pop Up Exibition- 2014

Jurors Choice Award – Student Exibition 2014

Tamron Photography Calendar – 2015

Previous Notable Clients

Boeing – 2012

Scoffield & Shaw – 2013-2014

Canon / The Imaging Depot – 2014

S.J.S. Scholarship Foundation – 2014

Ogden 25th Street / The Imaging Depot – 2014

Moab Arts and Recreation – 2016

Moab Art Walk – 2016