Art, Watching, Moss Image, Chris Moss, Moab Photographer, Artist, text over background of trailer
Beneath Our Feet, Art, Moss Image, Chris Moss, text over green bushes
ART, Moss Image, Chris Moss, Behind The Mask, Text over image of girl laying on ground
ART, The Moments Within, Chris Moss, Moss Image, text over garbage on a floor, dirty floor, conceptual art

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Above is a collection of works that have been in constant progress over the years.  Some of the Art is still being updated as projects typically grow organically over time.  The ideas expressed through the use of the imagery is meant to speak about various different aspects of humanity.

People can relate to one another through many different ways.  We often view the world through our own paradigm.  This creates an almost closed minded view of the world we live in.  The challenging part about being a part of the human race, is that we often all deal with the same sort of issues.  But people assume that their issues are singular and not many people experience the same problems or experiences.

Art As a Medium of Communication

There has been countless philosophers and leaders that try to express the human condition through the use of words.  Sometimes words are not enough, however.  Sometimes words cannot explain a particular issue because they don’t leave the conversation open to participation.

When you read about ideas you are being told how to think about them.  Whether you agree with the statement or not.  You still are being told how to view an issue through someone else’s paradigm or “world view”.  This is the gap that art can fill.

By participating and actually digging in while viewing the images we get to create our own interpretation of the ideas being presented.  That can’t happen though unless we view the images with an intent to understand.  People can view the images on a surface level and let them pass or they can choose to view the images by dissecting each part of the picture.

Some ways to interpret art as a medium of communication are to ask a few simple questions.  Why did the artist create this?  How does it make me feel?  What colors are being used and what could that mean?  Why is the angle of the photo the way it is?  What message am I receiving while viewing this work?

Yes these questions take time.  But like any conversation, we must make time to understand the dialog.  So I invite you to view the images with an open mind and ask yourself these questions.  You might find that the conversation can be much larger than a paragraph or a book.  You might find that by translating the images from your point of view that you will discover something about your own life that you haven’t realized before.

So take some time and most of all, ENJOY!

I have left a comment box on the bottom of the page.  I would love to hear about your thoughts.  While I do have artist statements included, I invite you to add in your perspective.  Let the conversation begin!