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Behind The Mask  is a project I worked on during the pursuit of my Bachelors of Fine Arts degree at Weber State University.  This work is about the alternate personalities that we choose to show the world.  The photographs represent the layers of humanity, or to be commonly associated as the “layers of an onion.”

With each layer that is pulled back, we are shown a new side of a person.  These layers can be good, bad, or simply ambiguous in the sense that we have our own perception of personality.  Simply put, when dealing with human nature and personality, we simply choose to see what we want to see.

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Thank You!

I appreciate the viewing of my work.  I have spent many years thinking about how to communicate different topics through imagery.  Photography has allowed me to continue the conversation through a visual context.  If you like what you see please send me an email or comment below!  I love to hear feedback on my work.  (Good or bad!)  That is my favorite part about Art.  It can all have a different meaning to each individual whom views the work.  Which is why sometimes it is more effective to express an idea through the use of images rather than words.  The words attached are merely a guideline to sway the conversation in a direction.


Thank you!