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Beneath Our Feet  takes on multiple meanings for me.  This work contests and attempts to deconstruct the idea of “Landscape Photography” and the way we view the landscape.  Most of us spend our time looking up at the landscape that surrounds us.  Naturally, this is how we define landscape photography.  To replicate the visual of a vast landscape in the macro environment.  My question is “why?”  While walking through the forest most of us look at our feet.  Discarding the beautiful landscapes that fall directly beneath them.  We are consistently in search of the spectacular, while disregarding that we may very well be standing on it at that moment.

However, people are either amazed by its beauty and magnificence or become impartial to its redundancy as it becomes the familiar. But, we almost always, however, fail to see the beauty that is closest to us; the landscapes that are directly under our feet.

These landscapes offer just as many beautiful patterns and different nuances as do the monolithic mountainous shapes that we hang on our walls in mass production. There are an innumerable amount of vibrant colors and designs that are stepped on and overlooked.

Attention Deficit

The second part about this work is my own personal struggle with Attention Deficit Disorder.  Instead of looking up while on a beautiful hike and “paying attention”, I find that my attention is drawn downward.  As a conversation among a group of friends takes place again my mind wanders to the background and I am unknowingly focused on the patterns and shapes that are at my feet.

People often associate A.D.D. with a negative connotation as inability to pay attention.  With Beneath Our Feet  I offer a different point of view on the topic.  Sometimes the most important places to place our attention, is the beauty that is overlooked.  And the fantastic landscapes that lay just beneath our feet.

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