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Journey To Cuba!

Hello!  I have received a lot of requests to view the pictures from our journey to Cuba.  So I decided to create a few posts about our trip!  As I began putting together all the images and moments, I realized there was way too much info for just one post.  So I will be breaking it up into different posts so that you aren’t flooded with a million pictures and a small book to read!

I want to give everyone the chance to follow along and see the amazing beauty of this wonderful country.  If you want to read about the trip then keep on reading!  But I know most people don’t read much now as we have turned into a visual culture.

So for those of you that just want the pictures scroll to the bottom and click on the gallery!  Otherwise I have laid out some highlights from the trip with a little more info.  Be sure to click on the gallery as there are many more photos in there!

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The First Adventures

Before landing at any destination the journey there is sometimes just as much fun as the destination its self.  We had a couple extra days to spend in Florida before embarking to Cuba.  So, of course as we normally do, we decided to pack as much fun as possible into our stay.

We arrived in Tampa and upon accepting our overpriced rental car, (thank the recent hurricanes for the spike in prices..) we headed straight to Clear Water Beach!  This beach brings back many memories for me as I spent some time there on vacations with my family that lives in FL.

Girl in water, moss image, cuba, moab photographer, chris moss

Our Friends!

After the quick stop to refill my soul with a quick jump in the ocean, we drove down the coast a little ways to stay with our friends, Jess and Ben.  They have the cutest little house on the water in Treasure Island, FL.  We spent time with them a couple of years ago when we were in FL and couldn’t wait to get back to where we left off.  Which typically turns into a lot of drinks, laughs, and shenanigans!

We of course stayed up way too late trying to talk my wife, Heidi, into moving to Florida.  I am all in, if given the chance I would jump on a plane and park myself permanently in that beautiful state!

Moss Image, man and child on red scooter, chris moss, moab photographer
man laughing, moss image, cuba, moab photographer
Girls smiling, moab photographer, chris moss, cuba

Water, Water, and MORE WATER!

Anyone that truly knows me, or follows me on Instagram, knows that I am a water addict!  Meaning anything dealing with the sun, sand, and boats is where my spirit feels alive!  So, when we got to spend the following day on the water, I was thrilled!

Our friend kindly grabbed one of his boats from Blind Pass Boat Rentals, and took us out for an adventure in and around Tampa Bay.  The first stop was a boat race.  Yes a boat race!  If you love boats and like seeing them scream past you at around 150 Mph then you need to see one of these in person.  Check out some of these insane boats below!

Moss Image, boat on water, chris moss, florida, cuba, moab photographer
boy on boat in life jacket, moss image, cuba, florida, chris moss
Moss Image, boat on water, moab photographer, cuba, florida
Kid driving boat with feet, moss image, moab photographer, cuba, florida

A Boat And A Sandbar

My son has been driving boats for a couple of years now and I typically trust his skills in the captains chair.  But this new method caught me by surprise!  Oliver decided to kick his feet up, eat some snacks, and relax and he navigated his way through the various channels and rivers of Treasure Island.  My buddy Ben was pretty proud.  And so was I.

We took a break at a pier for some beer, bathrooms, and short rain session and found this beauty of a boat docked next to us.  The owners were extremely nice as my 6 yr old daughter Sofia, also a boat/water addict, randomly climbed aboard and started playing with the dogs!  They allowed us to tour the inside of their vessel and let their puppies have some kid time!

water being poured on girls head for fun, moss image, moab photographer, chris moss, cuba, florida
kids playing in water. moss image, cuba, florida, moab photographer
Moss Image, girl with puppy on a boat, moab photographer, cuba, florida
Man walking in water next to boat, moss image, cuba, florida, chris moss, moab photographer
Cuba, wooden steering wheel on boat
kids with coconut, moss image, cuba, florida, chris moss
girl in captains chair, moss image, chris moss, moab photographer, cuba, florida
Cuba, Moss Image, girl walking through water, moab photographer

A Fine Finish

We ended the night by pulling the boat up to a waterfront restaurant and enjoyed some live music and great food.  Well, that wasn’t officially the end.  I did say we pack as much itinerary into our travel plans as we can.  So after the food and drinks we packed everything into our rental car and said goodbye to our dear friends.  We finished with a late night drive down to the cute little cottage we rented on Anna Maria Island.

And this is where I let you as the reader have a break!  Be sure to follow the next few posts as we encounter jelly fish stings, mermaids, and a little country called Cuba!


Kids playing on boat - moss image, chris moss, cuba, florida, moab photographer
girl with puppy, moss image, moab photographer, florida, cuba
girl with towel wrapped around face, moss image, travel, cuba, florida
Florida island, moss image, moab photographer, chris mos
kid driving boat with feet, moss image, florida, cuba, travel

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