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“The Photograph is never anything but an antiphon of “Look,” “See,” “Here it is”; one in which it points a finger at a certain vis-à-vis or specified subject , and cannot escape this pure deictic language.”

– Roland Barthes, Camera Lucida, 1980

This quote from Barthes helps to explain the structure and meaning behind my work, Watching.  As the sun sets and night descends upon the earth there is a change that takes place.  The scenery that was displayed during the day often becomes forgotten as the lights come on and silence begins to rest in the world around us.  This change of scenery has a very profound and lonely feel while walking through various locations in different cities and communities.

There are these fleeting moments when it seems like almost all of the pieces come together and fit perfectly to create a backdrop that would allow for a deeper and more mysterious story to unfold.  Little bits of information are left behind as people retreat into their homes.  A window shade left slightly open or a car sitting on the lawn may be unintentional but valuable in context of the story.  It is almost as if the world is saying “Look,” “See,” “Here is a small portion of my existence.”

Watching is about that transformation between day and night, as well as the anonymous pieces of information that our neighbors and fellow human beings have left for us to devour and consume, giving us a small insight into the beauty that surrounds them and leaving the rest to our imaginations as we fill in the gaps.